Postponement to 2021

In the uncertain times we are living in, no decision is right or wrong, and no prediction is more or less correct.

Our race, scheduled to happen on September 12th, will now take place on March 27th, 2021. This decision comes after meetings and discussions with both public and private event partners/authorities, that led us to realising the following:


  1. Public and private sponsors/partners are also going through tough times. The city is in financial difficulties and will not be able to support the event as needed. The city’s priorities for this period need to go somewhere else.
  2. Some important partners and race suppliers “are with us”, but can’t confirm what kind of support or service they can really give. We are talking about drinks and nutrition for aid stations, finisher t-shirts and medals, etc…
  3. The city of Lisboa will also have difficulty supporting us with the logistics we need (barriers and other logistics). The police will have trouble managing their staff to allocate to the event with other events happening at the same time in the city, and the same for all other authorities and medical staff. We are afraid that this might compromise your safety.


We have also conducted a survey to a database of around 10.000 participants/athletes (about 1.500 replies – 15%) and  the feedback is overwhelming and as follows:
Participants profile:

  • 80% male, 20% female
  • Ages: 60% between 38 and 55
  • Most participating countries: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, England, France, Germany, Ireland, Marrocos, Norway, Portugal, Sweden , Holland, Brasil, USA.



  • About 42% say they will not be participating in any event this year anymore, regardless if restrictions are eased or lifted.
  • 68% prefer events to be postponed to next year.
  • 52% are not comfortable having to fly to another destination in a near future.
  • 68% prefer off season events to take advantage of better traveling deals and overall costs.
  • 42% are registered for more than one event in the month of September involving traveling.


Based on this feedback from the athletes we concluded that:

a) There are too many events all-around the world on the same dates, or too close for you to be able to do all of them, and we don’t want you to have to choose between events.

b) You or another fellow athlete might want to spend your traveling money in another way this year. You or another fellow athlete might have lost their job or taken a pay cut, having less money for traveling and racing.

c) You will be able to change your flight and, or, hotel reservation as all players in this industry are allowing for this. Being an early season event you might even get better prices and save some extra money.


Based on these facts we believe the best way to defend your interests and the best way for us to deliver the best event possible was to make this change now and help you better organize your schedule and plan for the rest of the season and next season. More uncertainties at this time is what we need less.


We hope sincerely that events come back strong this year and that you do as well, but we strongly believe, as hard as it is for us, and you, that this is the best move Lisboa can do.


This is what you can do, as a way for us to try to “compensate” and/or give you an alternative to this unforeseen, out of our control force major event:

  1. If you are already registered you are automatically confirmed for March 27th 2021 and you don’t have to do anything else.

Other options are:

a) If you can’t come on that date we will give you credit for a future Lisboa event;

b) You can, exceptionally, transfer your registration to another athlete;


Compensation / reward for staying with us:

We will reopen registration for the event on June 1st 2020 at a registration price of 150€, for the middle distance. If you have paid more than this amount you will get a credit for the price difference for a future Lisboa event, or for next year’s event, that you can give to someone else.

All other races registration will also open at a lower price than the current rate and you also get the same credit for the difference as with the middle distance registration.

The only way we will make it through this pandemic out “the other side” is by sticking together and by understanding that we all lost with this overwhelming threat.

We will not give up on the event, we will not give up on you. Help us by doing the same.


In the mean time, stay safe and stay healthy.

See you soon in Lisboa!