Welcome to the Challenge Lisboa Race Briefing’s page.

This year we will have no onsite Race Briefing during race week, so please watch your race’s briefing from the videos below, and check the bottom of the page to see if anything has changed from what is mentioned in the videos.

If you have any questions, you can ask our staff at the Race Office, and they’ll be more than happy to help you.

Middle, Corporate Cup, Olympic+ and Olympic Relay Briefing

Sprint Distance Briefing

Super Sprint Distance Briefing

Family Relay Briefing

Additional information for all races except Family Relay

  • Your timing chip will be given to you when you enter transition to do your bike check-in;
  • Please make sure it’s securely fastened during the race;
  • You must give your timing chip back when you check your bike out after the race;
  • Lost chips will be charged 60€ at the bike check-out;

Additional Information for Corporate Cup Relay and Olympic Relay

  • At the end of the swim, the swimmer must pass the timing chip to the biker, at the relay box;
  • The biker must be fully equipped already. Relays do not have transition bags;
  • The biker’s helmet can be left on the handlebars, or the biker can already be wearing it while waiting for the swimmer;
  • At the end of the bike, the biker must leave the bike on the rack, and pass the timing chip to the runner, at the relay box;
  • The runner must already be fully equipped;